Saturday, June 26, 2010

Charging Sleep

I was going to write something profound about my feelings in regard to graduation, but then i got really bored and started playing video games.
Then as it neared 5:00 am, I started to think about my strange sleep cycle, and a random conversation I had with my mom and brother many years ago came to mind.
I hadn't been getting enough sleep and was telling them that I was planning on getting extra sleep that night to make up for the lack of sleep the night before. My brother then proceeded to laugh at me and say that you can't "charge" sleep. I think he was in eighth grade at the time, so he was still in his "I wanna be a scientist" phase, and eager to show off his massive scientific intellect. My mother was more of a bystander on this particular occasion, but she did agree with my brother and also laughed.
And so, I did not pursue the idea with them any further, and to this day, as I GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL, I still have many questions on the subject. Though these four years in high school have successfully taught me that if I sleep for a week I will not be able to stay awake for the next week, it still makes me very angry.
It's like a toxic, nasty, PARASITICAL relationship in which Awake is admirably doing his job while he's on duty, but then Asleep is doing as little work as possible, making sure he fulfills his quota of restoring about 12 hours' worth of juice before taking a little nap himself.
I figure, if I'm asleep for an extra long period of time, I should wake up with a full health bar, all wounds healed, and a childlike sense of adventure. BUT NO, I wake up with pain in my neck because I fell asleep with it bent at a 90 degree angle against my headboard, and completely disoriented wondering when I went to sleep, why I went to sleep, and why my neck hurts. I figure, if I'm paying MR.ASLEEP with precious overtime hours I could be spending walking around with my cat or watching harry potter; when I do finally wake up, the place better be in tip top shape and ready to be functioning for an extra long period of time!

just sayin..

Monday, June 21, 2010

first impressions

me and my cat are not feeling this.
so far its just reminding me of all the work i had to do to make my myspace look all purty...